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4747 W 48th St
Fremont MI, 49412
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8:00am - 6:00pm

(231) 924-8872

Computer Repair:
$40 hourly
(Billed by 1/2 hour)

$40 1 Mbps
$50 2 Mbps
$60 3 Mbps
$65 6 Mbps
$70 10 Mbps
$75 20 Mbps
*Auto-Pay Discount
*Annual Discount

$5 for 10 hours
$10 for 25 hours
$20 for Unlimited
$13 for Unlimited
(with annual purchase)

Web/Email Hosting
$20 per month

NCATS Expanding Broadband Network May 1, 2013

(new 900 MHz service area as of 5/1/2013)

NCATS is now supporting the core infrastructure for the wireless network. For information regarding Grant service areas, please visit

If you wish to get on our new site survey list, please give us a call at 924-8872 or send us an email to with your address and phone number.

Email Client Setting for Outside of NCATS November 17, 2006

For those users whom have email addresses, check their email with a client like outlook express, and DO NOT use NCATS Internet service, please be advised. The following settings must be applied to send mail through NCATS:

(Only applies to non NCATS Internet users such as AT&T DSL or Comcast/Charter Cable Customers)
1: Set outgoing mail (smtp) to use port 587 instead of 25
2: Enable SMTP Authentication.

If you require assistance, please contact our support desk.

Thank you.

Newaygo County Advanced Technology Services - 4747 W. 48th St. Fremont MI 49412 - (231) 924-8872